Improve Your Category Management Performance: Report and Webinar From Future Purchasing and Spend Matters

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The Future Purchasing Category Management survey and report is now in its third edition, and has established itself as the definitive piece of research work in its field. Future Purchasing, as a consulting firm specializing in “CatMan,” bring its own insights to the results. That means the final report is far from just being a presentation of the data from the several hundred survey respondents, representing organizations from many different sectors and countries.

One innovation this year is the deeper statistical analysis that has been undertaken by Professor Marc Day, of Henley Business School. That shows for the first time two key linkages. First, Day has identified the critical success factors — the aspects of CatMan process and activity that play the most vital role in driving a successful outcome. There are four absolutely key points here: if you can honestly answer “yes” to each of four questions then there is a high probability that you will have a successful CatMan program. They are a subset of 19 indicators that together give a strong view of the key points to consider when implementing the program. Paying attention to these does not guarantee success, but the evidence suggests that they are the aspects of CatMan that really need considerable focus if you want to maximise your chances of success.

The second issue addressed through the statistical analysis is the link between overall organizational performance and category management competence. Day has been able to establish a statistically valid linkage here that basically says those organizations that are better at category management perform better overall — and even put some quantification around that. Clearly, this is interesting and useful if you are building the internal business case for investment in procurement and CatMan.

You can now request the whole report here. Requests will go through Future Purchasing rather than giving you an instant download, purely so that the firm doesn’t find every other consultant copying their ideas and processes. There is also a recording of a webinar we at Spend Matters UK/Europe did recently with Future Purchasing available for listening via this link, titled “Collaborating for Category Management Success — Bridging the Performance and Value Gap.”

That features Mark Webb, co-founder and managing director of the firm, who runs through some of the key findings, along with Professor Day commenting on certain points, and an introduction from me.

The webinar finishes with a great question and answer session too — we got some excellent questions from the live listening audience. So please do read the report/listen to the webinar. Whether you’re a beginner at category management or something of an expert, we’re sure you will get something of value out of this material.

Future Purchasing is now also running two full-day “masterclass” workshops on the topic “Building a Business Case for Transforming Category Management Performance.” They sound very useful for procurement organizations at different stages of their CatMan journey, but who share the desire to improve performance — and deliver greater benefits, of course.

The first is in London on June 20, and the second in Amsterdam on June 27. You can book either via those links.

This really is a unique combination of valuable IP, an element of personalized consulting and coaching from the Future Purchasing team. The thrust is to work with delegates to help them build a business case and plan to improve CatMan performance. “You will create a personalized business case and improvement plan for category management that has a realistic financial return on investment (ROI), based on your inputs and available benchmark ROI data.” There will be breakout sessions to dig into detail for every individual and a one-hour personal telephone follow-up. Indeed, the list of deliverables for participants is pretty impressive. Do take a look.

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