Coupa Unveils Services Maestro: Will the Student Become a Master of Services Procurement and Contingent Workforce Spend? [PRO]

stokkete/Adobe Stock

At its Inspire user conference in San Francisco last week, Coupa announced its “early access program” soft-launch of Services Maestro. The company’s first step into services procurement, Coupa presented Services Maestro in 2016 as a part of the product roadmap and has introduced the offering as part of Release 18.

“Customers will benefit from this application through automated contract compliance, improved supplier experiences and full visibility into spend — both goods and complex services — in one unified platform,” Coupa said in its press release.

It’s a commendable first step, but the sooner Coupa fully understands the complexity of the services Pandora’s box it has opened up by becoming an embedded and integral part of contingent workforce and services procurement programs, the better its ultimate solution(s) will be, should it decide to make services procurement and contingent workforce a core business pursuit. This Spend Matters PRO brief provides an introduction to Services Maestro and insight into what Coupa will need to add to truly compete in the contingent workforce and services procurement market if it decides to strategically pursue this market segment.

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