ISM 2017: The Spend Slayer

At a big procurement conference, how do you get a procurement manager into your booth?

The answer is simple: find an attractive female to work the floor.

It's a conference cliche, but it has a track record of success, at least at ISM. In the past, AECSoft, a former vendor in the space, was one that was successful in driving traffic by bringing a model — I think she was Miss Lebanon — to the conference and having her circulate around the floor and hang out at the booth.

This year, Jaggaer continued this tradition with the “Spend Slayer,” an archer — Jaggaer's new namesake/mascot — who circulated around the exhibit hall with a bow. While dressed as tastefully as someone in her role could be — this is procurement, after all — she didn’t have a clue about archery, as she encouraged me to “pull the bow.” Hopefully that was not metaphorical, come to think about it.

Regardless, sorry ladies and gents, dry firing a bow is something one should never do, as a dad who has taught a bit about the sport to his kids. Alas, while I would not take archery lessons from Jaggaer’s Hunger Games-inspired slayer, the approach worked, from what I saw and heard.

And, of course, I got a pic that is bound to get me in trouble. In like two minutes after this post goes live…




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