Wednesday, May 31. Downtown Chicago. Sourcing, AI and Optimization.

I rarely pimp things I'm participating in, but I'm really excited to go back to my FreeMarkets roots tomorrow (May 31) at this breakfast and morning session in Chicago on the future of strategic sourcing and e-sourcing.

Jason’s in-progress slides (this one stolen from colleague Pierre Mitchell)

Keelvar is hosting the event and the topic is about the massive transformation (thanks to artificial intelligence [AI], robotics, optimization and more) starting to take shape in strategic sourcing and e-sourcing. Alan Holland (Keelvar) and Josh Brogan (A.T. Kearney) are speaking as well.

A Sourcing Optimization Primer

There will also be a morning session on how to use sourcing optimization. For those who want to take sourcing to the next level, this should be a great primer. If you’ve debated trying out an approach to strategic sourcing that centers on data collection in a more flexible yet competitive environment and moves beyond “weights” to apply true constraints and compare award scenarios against each other, consider this a great chance to learn about moving beyond the basics!

Coupa / Trade Extensions, Jaggaer (ASO) and BravoSolution are some of the most commonly used solutions here besides Keelvar, the latest upstart in this niche but growing market that will change how you think about strategic sourcing.

My Talk

I’m kicking things off at 8:30. I wrote my talk, titled “The Sourcing Journey to Come: Reading the Sourcing Map,” over the long weekend, and it will provide an inside-out and outside-in view of trends reshaping strategic sourcing and adjacent areas (including analytics and supplier management).

I’ve stolen a couple of great slides (including one on AI, see above!) from my colleague Pierre Mitchell, and I’m looking forward to the intimate group discussion — 20 people or so — and some great dialogue on the topic of the state of 2017 in strategic sourcing and what’s coming around the corner.

Join Us! 

The event is free, and it’s open to procurement practitioners and consultants. Register here if you can join — and I hope to see you tomorrow!

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