ICYMI: Data Analytics, the New Frontier for Workforce and Services Procurement

AdobeStock/Galyna Andrushko

One of the hottest topics in procurement these days is data analytics (including big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and algorithmic decisioning).

This is also true in the contingent workforce and services procurement space, where a perhaps surprisingly large number of technology-based solution providers are incorporating state-of-the art data analytics in to their solutions in significant ways. A sample of those providers includes DCR Workforce, Beeline (and IQN), Brightfield TDX, and SirionLabs.

To most busy practitioners, data analytics may be considered a kind of black box containing various buzzwords, mysterious gadgets and the like. But a basic understanding of the subject is important to understand the potential of data analytics to make procurement better, not more complicated.

Therefore, in case you missed it, we’re dusting off this primer on data analytics from mid-2016. It's still valid as ever and ready to read in one sitting.  So READ ON!

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