Afternoon Coffee: Baidu Partners with Car Parts Supplier Bosch, Will Ivanka Trump Shoes be Made in Ethiopia?


Soon Ivanka Trump brand shoes may no longer be made in China, but rather in Ethiopia.

The New York Times reports that Huajian International, whose factories make shoes for Ivanka Trump and other designers, aims to outsource jobs to Ethiopia, as more Chinese factory workers speak up about long hours and low pay. Huajian was in the news earlier this week when activists investigating labor conditions at one of the company’s factories went missing.

No Child's Play

After a three-year court battle with the Federal Trade Commission, Amazon will pay up to $70 million in refunds to customers whose children incurred unauthorized charges playing Appstore games, NPR reports. The FTC argued that the games blurred the lines between virtual currency and real money. In one instance, a child inadvertently racked up nearly $10,000 in charges by playing games on her parent’s Amazon Kindle.

Baidu Partners with Bosch

Chinese web services company Baidu announced a partnership with car parts supplier Bosch on driverless vehicle technology, the Financial Times reports. This follows Baidu’s announcement earlier this week regarding a similar partnership with car parts supplier Continental.

Staying Afloat (Or Is It On the Road?)

Uber posted a Q1 loss of $708 million, the New York Times reports. This is relatively good news for a company that lost $991 million the quarter prior. Uber still has $7.2 billion in cash, roughly the same amount it held at the end of 2016. As a company spokesperson put it in an admirably upbeat statement, "These results demonstrate that our business remains healthy and resilient as we focus on improving our culture, management and relationship with drivers."

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