Afternoon Coffee: Amazon Set to Deliver Groceries Across India, Boston Dynamics Sold to SoftBank

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Amazon is expecting to get the go-ahead from India’s government to build a nationwide grocery delivery network, the Wall Street Journal reports. The $500 million investment is a victory for Amazon in India, which typically restricts foreign companies from selling directly to consumers in order to protect small and local businesses.

Boston Dynamics Purchase 

Robotics company Boston Dynamics is parting ways with owner Alphabet and will now become part of SoftBank, according to TechCrunch. SoftBank also acquired bipedal robotics firm Schaft in the deal.

The Pound Falls...

The U.K.’s election did not turn out quite how the ruling Conservative Party expected, and the pound suffered as a result. The currency dropped as much as 2% against the dollar Friday, the New York Times reports, following the news that the U.K. will now have a hung parliament.

...While Palladium Soars

 If you want to invest in something less volatile as sterling has been this past year, try palladium. Bloomberg writes that the metal is up 30% this year, better than 33 other raw materials tracked by the company.

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