Announcing “Ask Spend Matters!”

What have you always wondered about procurement — but were afraid to ask?

The editors at Spend Matters have never stopped wondering about what procurement means for all of us and how it is defined as a profession — but going down rabbit holes is only fun until you run out of air.

Enter Ask Spend Matters, a new series where you, the reader, tell us what to investigate and report about procurement. You enter a question, the Spend Matters editors report, we bring you into the process (if you want), and publish a story that answers your question.

How do you submit your question? The process is simple. Just enter your question in the box below.

Ask Spend Matters

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Spend Matters editors will then select the best questions and answer them in the form of an article.

Not sure what to ask? It can be anything you're wondering about procurement or supply chain. For example, you might ask:

  • I want to pursue [X type of initiative] in my procurement organization — but where do I even start?
  • How can I get a robot (or ambitious intern) to help me do XYZ so that I can focus on other aspects of my job?
  • Managing data is my biggest challenge — what are the top technologies I should have on my radar to help with that?

You know as well as anyone that the procurement profession can be mysterious. We’d like to help our readers clear the air, cut through the noise — and help them do their jobs better.

Curious about procurement? Ask us!

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