ICYMI: What Have You Always Wondered About Procurement (But Were Afraid to Ask)?

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The Spend Matters editors have been busy working through reader questions these past two weeks. Our recent submissions run the gamut from how to implement supplier relationship management to what professional skills will be most in demand in the supply chain and procurement field to, er, prank questions from our own colleagues.

You might be thinking, “But hang on! What’s all this? Can I submit a question? Is this a new feature?”

Yes and yes! In case you missed it (this is peak vacation time, after all), earlier this month we launched Ask Spend Matters, where you tell us what procurement questions to investigate, and we report out the answer in the form of an article.

Here’s one of the first questions that we received: “What is the cost of having a long supply tail, and how are organizations determining the ‘right’ supply base (number and percentage) as relates to spend?”

Last week, we published the first article in the series, tackling this very question. Our analysts Pierre Mitchell and Michael Lamoureux lent their expertise to the topics of how much savings can be achieved through tail spend management, how to determine whether your company has a tail spend problem — and more. If you haven’t already, check it out!

If you’re curious what other readers have asked, here are a few questions that we’re planning to investigate:

  • What are the most pressing professional development needs for sourcing and procurement professionals today and for the next five years?
  • Supply market intelligence is highly relevant for procurement professionals. What data sources do you recommend?
  • Do other areas of procurement get as much negative press from suppliers as marketing procurement do?
  • Centralized, decentralized or hybrid sourcing structure? How do we decide?

“Ok, ok, that’s all great,” you say, “but how do I submit a question?”

Glad you asked! Send us your questions via this nifty box below:

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