Afternoon Coffee: Medium-Duty Electric Trucks About to Hit the Road, Solar Eclipse to Alter Trucking Schedules

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California-based startup Chanje is getting ready to sell its first medium-duty electric trucks within the next few weeks, the Los Angeles Times reports. Uninterested, for now, in the rest of the auto market, Chanje is targeting what it says is a lucrative niche with not many options. Found and CEO Bryan Hansel told the LA Times the monthly lease amounts for the vehicles would be “at parity” with those for diesel-engine competitors once lower maintenance costs and net fuel savings are figured in.

Solar Eclipse

Here’s a supply chain disruption you may not have been prepared for: Several states have adjusted their freight transportation schedules to avoid expected traffic increases during the upcoming solar eclipse, according to Transport Topics. Some state officials have even requested that trucking companies limit deliveries altogether or cut back on extra-wide loads during the event.

Birchbox Approached by Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart’s efforts to compete in the online world with the likes of Amazon continued this week. According to recode, beauty subscription startup Birchbox has held discussions with several retailers about a potential sale, including most notably Wal-Mart.

Business Prices

And finally, another economic update to wrap the week: A gauge of U.S. business prices fell in July for the first time in 11 months, the Wall Street Journal reports, suggesting nagging downward pressure on inflation.

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