Afternoon Coffee: How Transportation Companies Adjusted to Eclipse Congestion, Wal-Mart Applies for Patent for Floating Warehouse

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The path of totality may have made for some epic views during the solar eclipse Monday, but for transportation companies is was an opportunity for risk mitigation and resiliency. As the Wall Street Journal explains, logistics routes were diverted in multiple cases, and deliveries for everything from furniture to construction equipment had to be shifted to meet state requests for restrictions.           

Wal-Mart Patent 

Continuing its ongoing war with Amazon, Wal-Mart has applied for a patent detailing a blimp-like floating warehouse that would fly autonomously, according to Bloomberg. Deliveries from the warehouse would be carried out by drones, which would drop packages at shoppers’ doorsteps. Amazon was granted a patent for a similar vessel in 2016.

Infor Expands GT Nexus Capabilities 

Infor announced Tuesday a new series of capabilities available on the GT Nexus Commerce Network, according to a press release. These include a new cash flow manager solution, for better cash flow visibility; new supply chain visualization capabilities, such as a visualization layer; and mobile enhancements, such as tracking shipments and their ETAs.

O’Hare Cargo Expansion 

And finally, an update in local Spend Matters news: Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport celebrated Monday the official second phase opening of its $220 million Northeast Cargo (NEC) development, Air Cargo News reports. Volumes at O’Hare are already up by 15% over same period last year, putting Chicago on course to handle a record 1.8 million tons by end of the year.

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