Afternoon Coffee: Residents and Businesses Prepare for Hurricane Irma, Mexico Braces for Tsunamis

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The U.S. southeastern seaboard is finalizing preparations for Hurricane Irma as the Category 4 storm barrels toward Florida, the Wall Street Journal reports. Irma has disrupted shipping operations in the region, with the Ports of Savannah and Charleston facing shutdowns this weekend.

Mexico Earthquake

A magnitude 8.1 earthquake rocked southern Mexico and several other Central American countries just before midnight, Quartz reports, and the region is now bracing for tsunamis along the Pacific Coast. Waves could reach as high as three meters (10 feet) above the tide level could strike the coast of Mexico, and waves of up to 1 meter in Ecuador, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Brexit and Ports

A two-year transition period after Brexit will not be long enough to ensure “frictionless” trade continues in Dover and other British docks, shipping and port bosses told the Guardian. Failing to provide a sufficiently long transition period would lead to immense gridlock, the said, and they suggested to Prime Minister Theresa May that the period be extended until frictionless trade could be guaranteed.

Diesel Prices 

And finally, an energy update: the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has boosted diesel prices, the Wall Street Journal reports, with prices for the fuel rising 10% since the storm shut down refineries and ports.

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