Blending Internal and External Talent with Technology: A New Recipe for Businesses (ICYMI)

A recent webinar, which I presented with KPMG’s Sougata Banerjee, is now online, and it is free to view.

The webinar covers what Spend Matters regards as a new generation of contingent workforce and services that is supported by new technologies, solutions and intermediaries.

While at an early stage — and easy to dismiss as “way out there” — it is real, and an increasing number of enterprises are beginning put to a toe into the water, closely examining, testing, piloting or even starting to move up the adoption curve.

While the focus and form of the contingent workforce model has changed gradually over a long period of time, an additional technology-driven model is emerging — what we view as a fundamental shift from an “insert” model to “integrate” model. For enterprises and procurement organizations there are many implications, the least of which is adoption that is often driven by internal stakeholders and not procurement.

In the webinar, we discuss:

  • Underlying trends
  • What we mean by “integrate”
  • Where enterprises are at
  • Technology-based platforms
  • Some takeaways for procurement practitioners

We believe the webinar provides insights in these developments or, at the very least, rich food for thought.

The webinar can be accessed here.

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