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We are big fans of total talent management (TTM). Firms have been blending internal and external talent for decades, with staff augmentation, consulting and the like. The problem has been, and continues to be, that firms have not kept pace and progressed organizationally and technologically to make this blending more fluid and efficient.

Our viewpoint? All in good time. What will happen between now and then is a really interesting question. What technologies will enable it? How will hierarchical organizations change and evolve into more networked ones? What will they look like?

These are all good questions. But perhaps a more important question is this: Between now and then, what should the focus of contingent workforce and services procurement be to get the biggest bang for the buck? We think the answer lies somewhere else.

In an article we published this past spring, we provided our answer to that question: Managing "services" in an increasingly digitized world. The opportunity to create savings and efficiencies of  bringing just traditional services spend under management is enormous. Moving forward to proactively address spend and suppliers, native to the new digital world, is a whole new frontier, which can be either be proactively managed or left perilously unattended. In short, services should be a practical priority and focus in the coming years.

Indeed, there's no time like the present to "think again" or to "think different." Check out Total Talent Management: The Need to Think Big(ger), and see what you think.

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