Afternoon Coffee: Managing Wellbeing in the Global Supply Chain, Amazon Plans for Expansion in Mexico

Multinational companies are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff in their ever-growing global supply chains, according to the Financial Times. Based on one survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit,  nearly 40% of senior business leaders said adverse events associated with their suppliers are becoming more frequent, from supplier involvement in criminal activity to human rights violations.

Amazon Eyes Mexico

Amazon is boosting its presence in Mexico by opening a 1 million square-foot warehouse near Mexico City, Reuters reports. The facility, expected to be completed next year, would triple Amazon’s distribution space in the country.

OPEC’s Dilemma

Stubbornly low oil prices have been plaguing OPEC for some time now, but getting them back up may be less dependent on cutting production than the cartel thought. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Oil exports from member countries have declined by a much smaller margin than production, preventing the impact of the latter from fully taking effect.

British Interest Rates

And finally, an economic update: Mixed economic data are causing headaches for the Bank of England, Reuters reports. While employment numbers are positive, wages are still stagnant and inflation is picking up, meaning the pressure to increase interest rates is also rising.

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