Big Ideas 2017: Highlights from Procurious’ Chicago Summit

The world is changing rapidly, and procurement has a lot to take charge of if it wants to lead businesses through the coming disruption.

That was the big takeaway from the 2017 Big Ideas Summit, presented last week by Procurious in Chicago. In a daylong series of presentations spanning geopolitical instability to emerging technology and leadership challenges in this uncertain era, procurement influencers from around the world gathered to set the agenda for procurement transformation.

Missed the event? Check out some of the notable quotes and images from the summit below.

Rethinking Today’s Business Environment

The summit opened with a grim reminder: the end of tranquility is coming, and procurement must prepare for the consequences. That was the blunt message that Nik Gowing, former BBC broadcaster and a visiting professor at King’s College, used to get the audience’s attention.

On the heels of a sobering opening presentation, Justin Crump, CEO of Sibylline Intelligence Solutions, passed on his recommendations for strategy and scenario planning in this changing world.

Procurement in the Digital Age

In addition to managing complex geopolitical risks, procurement will also need to improve on its own performance in areas where it is already scrutinized. And taking procurement to the next level in the digital age comes down to one word: data.

As Tealbook Founder and CEO Stephany Lapierre explained, the best way to embrace digital technologies is to get ahead of them.

Workforce 4.0

Of course, digital technologies, even cognitive ones, are still nothing without procurement professionals behind the wheel. Check out some of the talent management concepts explored by various presenters below, ranging from leadership to entrepreneurship and advice from ISM's Tom Derry.

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