Zycus Horizon 2017 Dispatch: Exploring Zycus’ Products and Modules Across Source-to-Pay

Earlier in the week at Zycus Horizon, Aatish Dedhia, Zycus’ founder and CEO, provided an overview of his firm’s current and emerging product footprint. The suite is “comprehensive,” to use a word Dedhia favors in describing it.

To his credit, Zycus arguably offers one of the broadest suites available today, albeit with varying degrees of depth and comparative functionality. When Spend Matters Q3/Q4 SolutionMapsSM publish next week — download our Q2 2017 release for e-procurement, invoice-to-pay and P2P here — readers will see how Zycus compares to roughly a dozen competitors in each of these areas (and some on a full suite basis) for e-procurement, invoice-to-pay, sourcing, contract management, supplier management and analytics.

While our definition of what falls into a particular module or another may differ from how various providers define it, here’s how Zycus explains its footprint today:

  • First, on an overall basis, Zycus’ individual modules support both upstream (strategic sourcing) and downstream (procure-to-pay) activities.
  • Next, individual modules and their subcomponents (some of which can be licensed individually) are supported by overall savings and project management capability, supplier network and request management components — as in the “requester” for a given SKU, service or procurement “ask” from someone in the business rather than in procurement.

From a modular perspective, Zycus’ solutions have different components that fall into the following areas:

  • Spend analysis. This comprises several components, including a core classification engine, analytics/reporting and cost modeling capability. Zycus got its start in spend analysis and still delivers competitive functionality in these areas today.
  • E-sourcing. Zycus describes its sourcing capability as “eSourcing.” For Zycus this includes a core RFX engine and reverse auction capability, as well as “three bids and a buy” capability that it calls Quick Source. It currently supports English, Dutch, forward and reverse auctions models. Cost formulas can be defined, as well. The solution provides significant depth across a broad range of functional areas.
  • Contract management. Zycus provides both authoring and repository capability in the contract management area, as well as broader legal/sell-side CLM, which it labels “enterprise CLM.” It provides baseline (and sometimes above baseline) capability for contract management.
  • Supplier management. Zycus supplier management includes capability to support both vendor on-boarding and performance management, as well as supplier corrective action requests (SCAR), initiative management, supplier information management and some components of supplier master data management. It provides at least baseline capability across a broad range of supplier management areas.
  • E-procurement. Zycus’ e-procurement module (e-procurement) includes all of the usual elements one would expect from a solution, including catalog management, requisition management, order management and purchase order management. It is also leveraging some early guided buying approaches to steer users to optimal decisions and to avoid incorrect classification and data entry at the point of requisition. Zycus has spent many years consciously building out its e-procurement capability, and current functionality may be a fit for organizations, depending on requirements. It continues to build out inventory management capability and related features, as well.
  • E-invoicing. Zycus’ invoice-to-pay capability includes invoice capture and invoice matching functionality. It provides baseline coverage in a market segment comprising both procure-to-pay and accounts payable automation specialists. It is also building out full capability to support dynamic discounting and broader aspects of buyer-centric trade financing capability.

We’ll share deeper coverage analysis of Zycus in the months to come on Spend Matters PRO in a three-part Vendor Snapshot.

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