How Procurement Can Deliver the Benefits of the High-End Gig Economy — Innovation

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Access to highly skilled, specialized talent is becoming a serious challenge for most enterprises. Overcoming this challenge begins with recognizing that a new model for sourcing and engaging this talent is emerging. But organizational adoption of these models is not as simple as a adding a new supplier, bringing up a new VMS or setting up an MSP or internally managed program. It is really a process of organizational change and innovation.

Procurement has an opportunity to enable or even lead the organization in these directions, but it will require a new way of thinking, a new practices and new tools. These may be entirely different from those that have worked in the past, but the benefits should be the same or better.

Join Jody Miller, CEO of Business Talent Group, and myself on Thursday, October 19, at 1 p.m. ET, for a webinar in which we will discuss how the world of engaging high-end talent is changing, what it means to procurement and how it can be approached to realize the desired results to the organization.  


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