Q4 SolutionMap℠: 32 Procurement Technology Solution Providers, Ranked

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With Major League Baseball playoffs in full swing, we're reminded of the fitted ballcaps some of us used to wear when we were kids, just like the pros wore.

Then at one point, companies introduced some fitted caps that were incongruously labeled “One Size Fits All.”

That promise didn’t hold up.

One size never really fits all (some of us have bigger noggins than others, for example), so ballcaps promoting themselves as such miss the mark.

The same can be said for traditional analyst rankings of procurement technology solutions.

A Customized Approach to Provider Rankings

Behold, Spend Matters Q4 SolutionMap℠ — where we leave the “one fits all” approach behind.

Each SolutionMap:

  • Ranks a technology within the procurement and supply chain spectrum
  • Consists of equal parts customer and analyst input
  • Reflects specific organizational needs through ‘buying personas’
  • Is updated quarterly to show market developments

The goal is to equip the user with a comprehensive roadmap to track market developments, assess provider capabilities based on organizational needs, and identify best-fit provider shortlists.

Begin your journey here:

When you arrive at the SolutionMap℠ home page (pictured above), you will be able to:

  1. Choose a technology category
  2. Select your Persona
  3. View SolutionMap provider rankings

You’ll also be able to learn about each solution category and persona definition in detail, as well as read up on the Spend Matters analyst team’s methodology, before seeing how this quarter’s participating providers performed across eight different technology solution categories (the Deep Persona in the E-Procurement category shown in the sample above).

Here’s an overview on those providers and categories.

32 Procurement Technology Solution Providers, Ranked

Q4 SolutionMap ranks technology solutions from a total of 32 providers, within two simultaneous solution area releases – the P2P SolutionMap has been updated from its first release (Q2 2017), and the Strategic Procurement Technologies SolutionMap is brand new this quarter.

Q4 P2P SolutionMap

In this quarter’s SolutionMap update — composed of E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) — three new providers were added, impacting the overall ratings and comparative scoring compared with the last release.

The updated release also saw an evolution of Persona names and definitions, as well as the elimination of the Industry Persona.

Q4 Personas now include:

  • “Nimble” (unchanged from previous releases)
  • “Deep” (unchanged from previous releases)
  • “Configurator” (an updated version of the former “DIY” Persona)
  • “Turn-Key” (an updated version of the former “Mega” Persona)
  • “CIO-Friendly” (an updated version of the former “ERP Wrapper” Persona)

We base the SolutionMap ratings approach on an expectation of evolving requirements. As such, for Q4, we calibrated the weightings of each solution Persona based on new feedback, input and analysis.

Q4 Strategic Procurement Technologies SolutionMap

This quarter’s inaugural release of the Strategic Procurement Technologies SolutionMap ranks a total of of 23 providers and consists of the following categories:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Sourcing
  • Spend and Procurement Analytics
  • Strategic Procurement Technology Suites (Sourcing, Analytics, CLM, SRM)
  • Supplier Relationship Management and Risk (SRM)

Go Even Deeper with Detailed Vendor Rankings and Analysis

Think SolutionMap is just a handful of quadrants? Think again.

The Spend Matters analyst team has invested hundreds of hours to bring you the deepest, most detailed analysis possible behind each provider’s solution.

On Spend Matters PRO, the team is publishing detailed guides to help you better understand your ideal buying persona, as well as Vendor Summary Reports for each solution category.

Out now:

In the coming days, Spend Matters will be publishing persona guides and Vendor Summary Reports for:

  • Supplier Relationship Management and Risk (SRM)
  • Spend Analytics
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Strategic Procurement Technology Suites (Sourcing, Analytics, CLM, SRM)

Please note: not all providers are ranked on SolutionMap for a number of reasons — these providers may be sub-process or industry specialists, services-centric providers, or ​emerging contenders. Others have simply not yet participated in the rigorous RFI process but all are invited to do so. Specialist and emerging providers may not (yet) score well in aggregate but be worth your consideration.

Contact us to learn more about our deeper analysis, including Spend Matters PRO.

In the Meantime...

Enjoy taking a spin through Spend Matters’ Q4 SolutionMap!

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