Beeline Announces Upgrades to IQN VMS: What This Means for Customers


Last week, contingent workforce solution provider Beeline announced a series of upgrades to IQNavigator’s vendor management system (VMS). The announcement comes about 10 months after the news that Beeline’s parent company GTCR plans to merge Beeline and IQNavigator into a single firm. We caught up with Brian Hoffmeyer, group vice president of marketing strategies at Beeline, to find out what the upgrade entails, what it means for Beeline and IQN clients, and how it fits into the solutions’ longer-term roadmap.

Spend Matters: What are some of the key features that come with this upgrade to the IQN VMS?

Brian Hoffmeyer: We’ve done a lot this year to enhance both of our VMS platforms. Specifically, when we’re talking about the IQN VMS, there are three features that we’re really excited about.

One is an all-new supplier scorecard that lets clients and MSP partners easily focus in whether or not their suppliers are delivering across metrics that matter to them — things like quality, cost and efficiency. It was built on the new Horizon microservices architecture and features a very user-focused interface.

Next is a configurable rules-based Rate, Time and Expense engine that calculates complex rate schedules and automates rate management based not only on local rules and regulations but also on each client’s individual interpretation of the law.

Last is an automated integration with our background check, drug testing and employment verification partner, HireRight. This integration ensures that background checks and other tests are done right according to the requirements of the client, the job title and the location and helps mitigate against risk.

SM: How do those enhancements position IQN relative to the Beeline VMS and the broader market?

BH: Our strategy is to enhance both of our VMS platforms and, over time, converge them on our new microservices-based architecture. These IQN enhancements are a result of that strategy and show our commitment to it and to our IQN customers. The supplier scorecard is available on both VMSs and the other two enhancements will soon be available on the Beeline VMS as well. We believe that all three of these enhancements are unique to us and differentiate us from our competitors. These are key pieces of functionality that should be considered in any VMS evaluation.

SM: What do your reorganized support services mean for customers?

BH: We believe that our support structure is well positioned to support our clients’ and partners’ strategic and operational needs. The dual support model ensures that our relationship managers and operations managers truly know their clients and bring proactive solutions to them rather than sitting back and reacting to phone calls and emails.

Additionally, clients have access to a suite of experts on everything from invoicing to configuration to analytics — who back up and provide expertise to their assigned relationship managers and operations managers.

SM: How does this update to IQN fit into your broader microservices strategy you've previously described?

BH: It fits in well and illustrates our commitment to it. These features are built on the new Horizon architecture and connect into the legacy VMS. That will be the pattern we will follow going forward.

SM: What does this microservices architecture entail for the future of both the IQN VMS and Beeline VMS? Could you give us an idea of the longer-term roadmap and how that's playing out in the solutions today?

BH: Our microservices architecture provides a number of benefits, including greater security and scalability. Additionally, it makes development faster and more efficient and will let us roll out new functionality for all of our customers quickly.

Our roadmap is a topic for another interview but we remain focused on user experience, expanding our already deep and broad statement of work functionality, using artificial intelligence to create ubiquitous chatbots, and using our ATOM machine learning capabilities and our partnership with Brightfield TDX to enhance our analytics solutions. We are seeing great adoption and interest in our self-sourcing solution (which is on the Horizon platform and connected to both vendor management systems) from both Beeline and IQN clients.

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