How Coupa, SAP Ariba and Basware Really Did in Our Q4 SolutionMap

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In a paean to the recent Q4 SolutionMap release and subsequent personal analytical take on the three solution providers in this headline, Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch let everyone in on a not-so-secret secret.

“Despite our marketing claims of having invested ‘hundreds of hours’ of analyst time in the process, the actual number felt like more in the thousands, by my own accounting,” Busch wrote. “I told one of my colleagues I felt like I was ‘in the Matrix’ at one point when looking at technology provider demonstrations.”

While we’ve created a PO for an exact replica of the spectacles worn by Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus in “The ‘Matrix” films to give Jason as a surprise (oops!) gift, we wanted to make sure to do justice to those many hours of collective team effort — by filling users in a bit more about what they can get out of SolutionMap.

Quickest, Easiest Way to Find Out How Coupa, SAP Ariba, Basware and Others Ranked

If you haven’t yet taken a spin, check out our quick 2-minute primer here, or simply start your journey at the beginning on the main SolutionMap page.

Procurement Tech Sourcing Life Hack: Seeing how more than 30 different providers fared by persona in our series of visual ranking graphics (example below) is only a couple clicks away — and free of charge.

To Find Out How Coupa, SAP Ariba, Basware and Others Ranked in Detail

One example: a collection of detailed, one-page-per-provider snapshots of scoring, analyst commentary and overview.

Each provider’s page:

  • Features how the provider ranked across each and every persona in that particular solution area. (Note: These are examples only and are not reflective of how the three providers above ranked.)

  • Breaks down the Solution and Customer Value scoring in detail, within up to 16 different components. For instance, users interested to see how a provider’s sourcing technology fared can expect to see scoring in:
    • Opportunity
    • Supplier portal
    • RFX Creation, configuration and management
    • Configurability
    • Services
    • Among several others
  • Offers context on the scoring with quick-hit analyst insights. Have any recent acquisitions bolstered a provider’s capabilities? What have customers been telling Spend Matters outside of the customer survey? Persona scoring and breakdowns telling a strong story — but not the entire one?

To find out how to access these detailed provider scoring breakdowns — and other examples of deeper SolutionMap scoring analysis — contact our team today.

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