Afternoon Coffee: Trucking Fleets Say Yes to Tesla’s Semi, Uber to Buy Self-Driving Volvos


Wal-Mart, J.B. Hunt and Ryder System are placing orders for Tesla’s new electric truck, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Semi, which will be out in 2019, will have a semiautonomous driving system and the ability to cover 500 miles on one charge. The 500-mile range will be a limitation for longer routes, however, until there is a nation-wide network of charging stations in place.

Uber Inks Deal with Volvo

In more automotive news, the New York Times reported that Uber has announced plans to purchase tens of thousands of self-driving Volvos. Uber has been looking seriously into autonomous vehicle technology for the past few years, and the self-driving Volvos will be incorporated into Uber’s ride-hailing network as soon as they are production-ready.

An Update on Bangladesh’s Garment Factories

In its recently released fourth annual report, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announced that it is on track to achieve its factory safety improvement goals, citing that 85% of required factory repairs have been completed. The Alliance currently covers 1.4 million workers across 785 factories, and it will pass on safety monitoring operations to local partners in 2018.

Blockchain Gets Closer to Wall Street

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and four other big banks have completed a successful six-month test of blockchain technology, Bloomberg reports. The blockchain startup Axoni coordinated this program that applied blockchain technology to the tracking of equity swaps.

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