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Exari: Vendor Analysis (Part 1) — Background & Solution Overview

11/29/2017 By

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

A few years ago we could have divided the contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology provider market into two segments: providers that delivered CLM as part of integrated source-to-pay suites and standalone CLM providers, including those owned by suite vendors but that were not fully integrated as part of a source-to-pay platform, which offered significantly greater capability. But in our recent Q4 CLM SolutionMap, we learned this segmentation is no longer accurate. Select standalone CLM providers have begun to distanced themselves considerably, on a function scoring (Solution) basis, from the previous generation of best-of-breed providers that were part of suite vendor offerings (e.g., Selectica/Determine, Upside/Jaggaer).

One of these independent providers that is pulling away from the suite crowd is Exari. Like other CLM specialists, Exari not only focuses on procurement contracts but also enterprise contracts, including sales contracts, leases, partnership agreements, employment agreements and other contracts that fall outside the realm of the procurement.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Snapshot provides facts and expert analysis to help procurement and legal organizations make informed decisions about whether Exari, as a standalone CLM solution, is a better fit than using a suite-based contract management provider. Part 1 of our analysis provides a company background and detailed solution overview, as well as a summary recommended fit suggestion for when organizations should consider Exari. The remainder of this multipart research brief covers product strengths and weaknesses, competitor and SWOT analysis, user selection guides, and insider evaluation and selection considerations.

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