Jaggaer-BravoSolution Merger Analysis: BravoSolution Customer Recommendations [PRO]

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Jaggaer announced Wednesday it would acquire BravoSolution, a Europe- and North America-based provider of strategic procurement technology solutions (and, on a more recent basis, e-procurement capability). This Spend Matters PRO research brief provides guidance and customer recommendations to help procurement groups navigate the merger, primarily for organizations already using or considering using BravoSolution. It also provides insight into commercial, technology, and deployment and support considerations surrounding the combination of the two providers, as well as select alternative providers in some of the markets in which BravoSolution competes.

This is the first in a detailed series of Spend Matters PRO research briefs and commentary on this transaction. Our next research brief will cover 10 questions that the acquisition should raise for BravoSolution customers to form a basis for understanding the acquisition and what it means for them — and where they sit in the customer pecking order based on industry, geography and other considerations. We will also compare the modules from both providers in the strategic procurement technology areas and explore how they compare on a highly granular basis. Finally, we will explore implications for the competitive landscape.

In the meantime, BravoSolution customers who want to understand how BravoSolution, Jaggaer and Jaggaer Direct compare on a granular functional basis and from a customer satisfaction perspective in each solution area, as well as how competitors performed, should consult our Q4 2017 SolutionMap Vendor Deep Dive reports. See spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management, contract management, strategic procurement technology suites and procure-to-pay suites.

For highly granular comparative analysis looking at both providers’ capabilities in each modular area in which there is overlap, as well as curated peer ratings and alternative providers for each functional area, BravoSolution and Jaggaer customers (and consultancies advising customers) can inquire about PRO and SolutionMap pricing for 2017, expiring at the end of December. Subscriptions include access to the entire Spend Matters PRO archives covering both providers, representing more than 100 research briefs.

Those wishing to tailor an even deeper view of Q4 2017 SolutionMap benchmark insight to their specific organization — based on more than 700 source-to-pay functional benchmark scores and analyst-based vendor ratings, as well as more than 300 customer peer reviews to improve technology provider shortlist and selection processes — can inquire via the above link.

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