10 Questions Jaggaer’s Acquisition of BravoSolution Should Raise for Customers and the Market (Part 1) [PRO]

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This Spend Matters PRO Research Note asks 10 questions that Jaggaer and BravoSolution customers and partners should consider asking as informed “consumers” of this combination. These questions cover both the recently announced acquisition of BravoSolution by Jaggaer and general considerations based on Jaggaer and Accel-KKR’s business strategy as we see it. Part 1 of this research brief covers questions one through five, while Part 2 covers questions six through 10:

  1. What is a roll-up, what benefits does it bring and why is Jaggaer following this strategy?
  2. What did Jaggaer see in BravoSolution? And why does this matter for BravoSolution customers?
  3. Will the strategy that Jaggaer and Accel-KKR appear to be pursuing end up being a net positive for customers?
  4. How did BravoSolution operate before (e.g., regional managers and “postponement” of solution delivery approaches at the local level) and how might this acquisition change its previous approach?
  5. Is there advantage in size alone?
  6. What gaps will remain in Jaggaer’s portfolio following the closure of the transaction?
  7. Will verticalization (industry-based approaches) to procurement technology end up being more about marketing or more about product?
  8. What is a “super suite” as claimed in the announcement of the combination?
  9. What might happen to Jaggaer and BravoSolution’s individual procure-to-pay solutions as a result of the combination?
  10. Will this transaction trigger other acquisitions in the sector? And what does this mean for customers of other solutions?

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