Simeno Who? An Unofficial, Unauthorized FAQ Exploring Coupa’s Largest Acquisition To Date (Part 1) [PRO]


Coupa announced Monday it had acquired Simeno, likely its biggest acquisition to date, as measured by the revenue of the target it acquired. But buying Simeno gives Coupa far more than just a means to arbitrage European SaaS vendor multiples to North American ones and buy its way into dozens of larger European customers. Rather, the acquisition brings Simeno’s prebuilt supplier content integrations, unique solutions and intellectual property, particularly in the catalog management and services procurement areas, to Coupa.

Part 1 of this Spend Matters PRO Research Brief attempts to answer the following questions: Why haven’t I heard of Simeno? How large is Simeno? Why did Coupa buy Simeno? What did Simeno look like from a high-level SWOT perspective prior to the acquisition? And what are Simeno’s solution strengths and weaknesses?

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