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Where’s Jaggaer?

01/12/2018 By

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“Deep Procurement Throat” forwarded us a Coupa marketing email and landing page link that we found humorous. It’s for a download of a recent IDC ranking report on the sector.

We won’t opine on the veracity of the report, as we don’t know anything about IDC’s methodology. But what we will call your attention to is that Jaggaer is listed in the report in multiple areas: Jaggaer, Jaggaer Advantage and Jaggaer Direct.

That’s in the report. The Coupa landing page for the download tells another story — at least on part of the page! To wit, in the upper right graphic on the landing page for the offer that shows the ranking graphic, Jaggaer is only listed once. And in the lower right (same graphic), it’s listed three times, as in the report.

Oh well. Vendors will be vendors. And we’ll all miss the BravoSolution name. So one last hurrah is not going to hurt anyone.

At least it’s great to see the one of the authors of the IDC study, Mickey North Rizza, back in the procurement technology research game. We missed you, Mickey!