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Coupa’s GA Release of Services Maestro: What Is It and What Does It Mean Today?

01/31/2018 By

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Coupa recently announced the general availability (GA) release of its services procurement solution, Services Maestro. Spend Matters previously covered the company’s “early access program” release of Services Maestro to a limited set of Coupa customers in May 2017. Available now to all customers, Services Maestro essentially provides services spend-specific source-to-pay (S2P) capabilities integrated into the consumerized sourcing and buying experience familiar to Coupa’s customers.

As such, Services Maestro is perhaps more accurately viewed not as a standalone solution but rather as a branded set of function-specific capabilities built on and leveraging Coupa’s core platform. (Coupa describes Services Maestro as “a new platform application that helps organizations manage the spend associated with complex services.”) Nonetheless, Services Maestro offers not only new business functionality that will address Coupa customers’ expressed need to more effectively manage services spend. It is also part of Coupa’s “business spend management” strategy and will increasingly put the provider face-to-face with competitors in the space — such as VMS providers like SAP Fieldglass and Beeline — that are also competing for a piece of the still greenfield services spend management solution market.

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