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Healthcare Matters Merges with the Mothership

02/08/2018 By

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Healthcare Matters is merging with Spend Matters to allow healthcare procurement and supply chain professionals to find industry news, updates, relevant insights and knowledge in a central location on a single site.

Healthcare Matters content will now be found on under the header Healthcare Supply Chain Management.

Why This Matters

The healthcare industry is unique. Not only are there buyers and sellers, but also intermediaries and payors. Ultimately, we’re all consumers of healthcare — and Washington’s impact on the industry is unparalleled.

At the same time, the core principles of good procurement and supply chain practices remain pertinent. Tom Finn will remain a leading independent voice covering the challenges, solutions and innovations throughout the healthcare industry’s supply chain.

The Only Thing That’s Different

Navigating to find the premier analysis of healthcare procurement and supply chain will be the only major change.

You can find Healthcare Supply Chain Management as a key Content Category on the Spend Matters homepage going forward.

You will be able to see new healthcare articles in the Spend Matters content stream as soon as they are published.