Afternoon Coffee: U.K. Says Russia was Behind June Cyberattack, May and Merkel Meet to Discuss Brexit

Russia executed the June “Petya” cyberattack that crippled firms including FedEx, Maersk and Merck, according to British officials. As the Wall Street Journal reports, this is the first time a major Western government has pinned blame on Moscow for the incident, adding another event to a growing list of complaints against Russia for cyber meddling.

Brexit Update

With the Brexit deal stuck again in a near deadlock, British Prime Minister Theresa May traveled to Berlin Friday to meet with her German counterpart Angela Merkel. According to Retuers, German officials “are frustrated with Britain’s lack of clarity about what it wants after the split” and are hoping Britain can “offer more ‘concrete’ plans” during the coming talks.

Recession Jitters 

Are we entering the last stage of a long-running bull market? That’s what many economists and investors are asking as interest rates and inflation continue to rise, according to the New York Times, setting off fears that the risks of another recession are now much greater.

Industrial Production 

And finally, an economic update: U.S. industrial production fell in January, CNBC reports, declining 0.1% as production dropped in the aerospace, plastics and food industries. Analysts had expected a 0.3% gain, raising questions about manufacturing’s ability to keep up its 2017 momentum.

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