Afternoon Coffee: MBO Partners Releases ‘Client of Choice’ Report, How Iranian Airlines Obtain U.S. Parts Through Turkey

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MBO Partners, a provider of independent workforce solutions, released Tuesday its “Client of Choice” report, which examines how and why independent professionals pick the clients with whom they choose to engage. Trends identified in the survey include ranking several workplace factors above compensation; the desire from millennial independents for more professional guidance; and many freelancers readily choosing this form of employment over traditional jobs.

Aircraft Supply Chains

An Iranian airline under U.S. sanctions has purchased U.S.-made jet engines and parts through a Turkish front company over the last several years, the Wall Street Journal reports. The news comes from a new filing by U.S. authorities that highlights how Iranian companies have run their supply chains through shadowy logistics operations to circumvent international sanctions.

Introducing the Petro

Venezuela is jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with the launch of the “petro,” which is backed by state oil reserves. According to Reuters, the new offering has attracted investments from Turkey, Qatar, the United States and Europe.

Consumer Sentiment

And finally, an economic update: Consumer sentiment rose more than expected in February, CNBC reports, hitting 99.9 rather than the 95.5 estimated. Favorable government policies such as the December tax cut appear to be more on consumers’ minds than the recent volatility in the stock market.

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