Afternoon Coffee: Trump Imposes Recommended Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, Levi Strauss Tests Using Lasers to Rip Jeans


President Trump announced Thursday he had decided to impose tariffs of up to 25% on foreign-made steel and 10% for aluminum, the Washington Post reports. The decision is expected to “trigger immediate legal challenges by U.S. trading partners at the World Trade Organization and invite retaliation against American exports.”

Laser-Cut Jeans 

The push for ever faster and leaner supply chains is causing Levi Strauss & Co. and its suppliers to take creative approaches to apparel manufacturing. As the Wall Street Journal reports, two technology suppliers are providing the ability to design, deliver and cut new jean styles with lasers, allowing factories to increasingly automate the production process and significantly reduce costs.

Toilet Paper Shortage 

Prices for toilet paper products in Taiwan are due to rise 10%–30% in March, the New York Times reports, sending consumers into a rush to secure supplies before the increase. The price increases stem in part from supply disruptions in short-fiber pulp after forest fires in Canada and production problems in Brazil.

Manufacturing Output 

And finally, an economic update: Manufacturing in the U.S. maintained its momentum in February, according to Logistics Management, with the Institute for Supply Management’s PMI rising 1.7% to 60.8 — the highest reading since May 2004.

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  1. Jamie Cordon:

    What’s the purpose of increasing aluminum tariffs? Wouldn’t that increase a lot of daily products being used by the average citizen? Especially on electronics and appliances?

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