Afternoon Coffee: Trade Tensions Flare Following Tariff Decision, PunchOut2Go Opens First International Office

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President Trump has followed declarations of tariffs on steel and aluminum with threats to impose additional tariffs on European car exports should other nations retaliate against the metals duties, the Wall Street Journal reports. The European Union said Friday it would retaliate against the metals tariffs by imposing penalties on a package of U.S. goods including motorcycles, bourbon and denim.

PunchOut2Go Expands 

E-procurement integrator PunchOut2Go announced Monday it will open in April 2018 its first international office, in Dublin, Ireland, according to a press release. Founded in 2012, PunchOut2Go connects buyer-to-seller integrations around the world and counts approximately half of its existing business as international, 30 percent of which is in Europe.

“The opportunity for PunchOut2Go in Europe is incredible,” said Tommy McShane, general manager for international operations at PunchOut2Go. “Dublin, being the gateway to Europe, is ideally positioned to accelerate dramatic growth for the company.

Food Waste

Walmart unveiled Monday a smartphone app called Eden designed to improve the quality of its perishable foods business and eliminate waste from its perishable food supply chain, according to Supermarket News. Eden allows Walmart employees to “monitor the temperature and freshness of produce and perishable foods from farm to supplier to warehouse to Walmart’s shelves,” as well as “improve the visual inspections process at distribution centers and human decision-making on quality control and freshness.” 

Canadian Economy

And finally, an economic update from the north: Faltering consumer confidence is weighing on the Canadian economy, Bloomberg reports, with growth forecast at 2% this year on slowing consumption. While the country’s economy is by most measures performing well, consumers now seem to think the current expansion is unsustainable.

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