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Oracle’s P2P Strengths and Weaknesses for Procurement Cloud

03/15/2018 By

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As we noted in an earlier research brief, Oracle has leapfrogged ahead of competitors in the cloud procurement area. Its latest offering took us by surprise and will no doubt surprise others, as well. But what are Oracle’s most apparent strengths and weaknesses within Procurement Cloud relative to Coupa, SAP Ariba and other top-performing providers?

This Spend Matters PRO analysis, based on our latest SolutionMap review of Oracle’s capability in Q1 2018 and the vendor's recent Modern Supply Chain Experience event, explores Oracle Procurement Cloud’s comparative strengths and weaknesses within the e-procurement and invoice-to-pay areas.

Spend Matters also recently published a Vendor Snapshot series on Oracle’s overall Procurement Cloud suite (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). The review provides an end-to-end perspective, including a listing of modules, competitive alternatives, suite strengths and weaknesses, best fit recommendations and a SWOT analysis.

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