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Coupa Inspire Dispatch: Rob Bernshteyn on Facts, Figures and Updates

05/08/2018 By


Yesterday at Inspire (see my previous live coverage from the event here, here and here) Coupa’s CEO Rob Bernshteyn offered up a number of facts, updates and figures on Coupa which I thought would be worth sharing with Spend Matters readers.

Note: these facts, figures and updates centered primarily on Coupa usage, partners and adoption at the product level. Let’s begin:

  • Based on all the permutations of modules and deployment options, Coupa calculates there are some 10 million plus possible configurations of its applications (Coupa segments its modules into five categories: procure-to-pay, source-to-contract, travel and expense, suppliers and risk and spend insights)
  • Average go-live time on Coupa was four to eight months in 2018
  • Public company Coupa customers outperform the S&P 500 (63% gain vs. 45% over the same timeframe). Note: no further information provided (i.e., data could be causal or correlated — positively, negatively or not at all. But it certainly sounds good for marketing!)
  • Typical customers now use 4+ applications
  • 1,350+ consultants are now trained on Coupa
  • 4+ million suppliers are registered now in Coupa
  • Coupa has realized a 10-fold increase (timeline not provided) in SMS notifications sent via its platforms
  • Cumulative savings for Coupa customers (methodology not shared) are $26 billion
  • On average it now takes less than a minute for suppliers to create an invoice
  • The system now supports 20 languages
  • 50% (or typically 60+) new features in each Coupa release (three per year) are based on customer input
  • CoupaLink (Coupa’s API integration platform for partners – i.e., deeper, native out-of-the-box integration) now includes 23 partners. These include Kofax, AppZen, Taxback, Avalara, Bluvault, Egencia, Nvoicepay, Vertex, Thomson Reuters, Sabre, MuleSoft, Octacom and Dell/Boomi.
  • Coupa Open Buy (which started with Amazon) is being expanded to now include similar levels of integration with Staples, Office Depot, Grainger and Thermo Fisher, among others.

Stay tuned for continued coverage live from Coupa Inspire.