Afternoon Coffee: Jabil Introduces New Digital Strategy Practice, China’s Top Economic Official in Washington for Trade Talks


Manufacturing giant Jabil announced Tuesday the introduction of a new digital strategy practice that will help customers navigate digital transformations, according to a press release. The new service offering, which the company is calling its Radius Digital Strategy Practice, uses a team of cross-functional experts to help businesses evaluate options during various stages of a digital transformation project.

“Our new Digital Strategy Practice guides customers through the constant cycle of creating, monetizing and defending business value,” said Heather Andrus, senior director of strategic development at Radius Innovation and Development. “We can enable companies to evolve their products and experiences by adding a digital component, build or expand their digital ecosystems and explore opportunities to monetize Internet of Things (IoT) data, while benefiting from cutting-edge solutions, including advanced automation, 3D printing and machine learning.”

To learn more about Jabil’s technology and service offerings for procurement, see our previous coverage on the provider. 

Trade Talks Continue

Right on the heels of President Trump’s decision to help Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE get back on its feet, China is sending Liu He, the country’s top economic official, to Washington Tuesday for five days of trade talks, the South China Morning Post reports. The Chinese delegation is likely to offer likely “ways to help reduce China’s trade surplus with the U.S.,” as well as “provide easier access for American companies to its services, financial and technology markets,” according to the report.

German Growth Slows 

Europe’s powerhouse economy posted a surprise slowdown at the start of 2018, as the pace of German economic growth was cut in half amid weaker global trade, Bloomberg reports. The 0.3% increase for German GDP undercut forecasts, although whether the performance marks the end of expansion or a setback is unclear at this time. 

Pump Prices Rising 

And finally, an energy update: Gasoline prices are expected to hit $3 per gallon for the first time in three years, the Wall Street Journal reports, potentially threatening U.S. economic growth. Rising fuel costs could feed inflationary pressures, eating into disposable income and currently strong consumer confidence.

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