Afternoon Coffee: Aquiire Receives E-Procurement Patent, Redwood Software Announces RPA as a Service


Aquiire, an e-procurement and supplier relationship management solution provider, announced in a press release this morning that it has received a patent for “methods and systems for integrating procurement systems with electronic catalogs.”

"The award of this patent provides further recognition of Aquiire's innovations," said Aquiire chief executive Mike Palackdharry. "We are proud of our heritage of bringing forward real-time solutions that transform and change how buyers and sellers communicate and transact in procurement."

Fish Fraud

The seafood distributor Sea to Table, which had staked its reputation on guarantees of wild-caught fish that can be directly traced to a U.S. dock (even to a particular boat), has been found to be selling illegally caught, out of season, or farmed fish, according to an investigation by the Associated Press.

The reporters tracked Sea to Table’s yellowfin tuna supply chain to Indonesian fishermen who earned $1.50 a day.

Introducing RPA as a Service

Redwood Software announced Wednesday that it has developed the industry’s first robotic processing automation solution as a service. According to the press release, the Redwood Robotics solution supports the “full customer robotic journey, from installation to analytics helping deliver process improvements in the shoretst time and with the lowest lifecycle costs.”

AT&T – Time Warner Merger

A federal judge has approved the $85.5-billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner, the New York Times reports, rejecting the Justice Department’s argument that the merger would lead to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers.

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