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Sievo’s Data Management Services: ‘The Only Right Approach’ to a Standout Spend Analytics Capability  

06/21/2018 By

As procurement organizations have become increasingly global and digital, the amount of data they create has exploded. This has made finding and managing spend data all the more complicated, to say nothing of analyzing and making decisions based on that data. To keep up, procurement groups are increasingly investing in spend analytics tools, and the software market has responded in kind. New spend analytics vendors emerge each year, while suite providers continue to acquire leading providers, hoping to integrate standout capabilities into their offerings.

Between these upstarts and end-to-end offerings sits Sievo, one of the oldest independent providers in the market today. The Helsinki, Finland-based spend analytics provider has succeeded in its chosen solution area by continuously improving its product, using feedback from its customers to adapt its technology to changing procurement requirements.

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