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Configuring Your E-Procurement Platform to Achieve Early Wins and Improve Your Internal Brand

07/12/2018 By

Cloud-based procurement platforms offer powerful and flexible solutions for reducing the cost and complexity of integrating best practices into daily operations.

Unfortunately, many organizations spend too little time thinking about the needs of internal business stakeholders when configuring their platforms for rollout or expansion. As a result, platform adoption rates fall short of expectations. What’s more, low utilization of features and misalignment with business processes are often discovered after the fact, when they are much more difficult and expensive to address.

Do your internal customers view procurement as a help or hinderance in getting their jobs done?


Reevaluating the Role of Procurement: If your internal customers believe that current procurement requirements are more of a burden than a benefit in getting their jobs done, you’re not alone. The automation of business processes offers an excellent opportunity to expand the role of procurement to create business value that extends beyond savings.

Transforming Procurement: The good news is that your e-procurement system, when properly configured, can help transform the brand of procurement inside your organization. The key is to identify ways that process automation, increased visibility, analytics and supplier relationship management can bring value — beyond savings — to specific categories.

Configuring E-Procurement to Achieve Early Wins“ provides a framework for creating buyer-focused strategies when configuring your e-procurement platform to increase adoption and achieve early wins.

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