Taulia: What Makes It Great (Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap Analysis)

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Editor’s note: This “What Makes It Great” column is normally reserved for SolutionMap Insider Subscribersbut Taulia has generously agreed to support access for readers who are not yet members.  

Taulia originally led the way nearly a decade ago as the first standalone dynamic discounting (and invoice-to-pay) technology provider to build material traction on its own, primarily selling into the SAP customer base (owing to tight technical integrations with SAP ECC). Flash-forward to today, and Taulia has expanded from its roots into a broad-based trade financing (receivables and payables financing) and invoice-to-pay specialist that integrates with a range of popular ERP and source-to-pay systems. It also brings third-party capital and funding options to the table (bank, multi-bank and non-bank).

As a specialist in the invoice-to-pay market, Taulia differentiates itself in a number of functional/solution areas and is capable of selling both “plumbing” (i.e., technology in support of invoice-to-pay) and outcomes (e.g., business value through working capital improvement). As the Spend Matters Q2 2018 Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap illustrates, Taulia delivers above-the-benchmark functional capability across these and dozens of other key requirements. Its SolutionMap performance provides compelling evidence that the provider is a must-shortlist candidate for the majority of invoice-to-pay buying scenarios.

“What Makes It Great” is a recurring column that shares insights from each quarterly SolutionMap report for SolutionMap Insider subscribers. Based on both our rigorous evaluation process and customer reference reviews, each brief offers quick facts on the provider, describes where it excels, provides hard data on where it beats the SolutionMap benchmark and concludes with a checklist for ideal customer scenarios in which procurement, finance and supply chain organizations should consider it.

Taulia: Quick Facts

  • Founded: 2009
  • HQ (and support locations): San Francisco, California; other offices in Park City, Utah; Austin, Texas; London; Dusseldorf, Germany; and Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Number of employees: 260
  • Total annual revenue: Not disclosed
  • Customers: Allegheny Health Network, Allianz, AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, eBay, General Mills, Honda, John Deere, RBS, Tim Hortons and Zappos
  • Active users (buy-side): 29,400
  • Active users (supply-side): 391,000
  • Regions Served: Serves customers globally in over 160 countries
  • Available Modules: Taulia Business Exchange, Taulia Invoicing and Taulia Working Capital Management
  • Other app integration: SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards

Where Taulia is Great (Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap)

Taulia provides invoice-to-pay “plumbing,” including supplier portal and network connectivity with vendors, as well as enables a broad spectrum of receivables and payables financing capability on top of its platform.

Here’s where Taulia excels in SolutionMap:

Best-in-Class Support for Trade Financing Enablement

  • Taulia achieved top scores in the Q2 2018 SolutionMap benchmark for financing on-boarding and trade financing (receivables and payables financing) capabilities
  • Top-tier scoring (above the benchmark) for financing collaboration and financing analytics, including core reporting capabilities that support working capital management as well as accounts payable and procurement
  • Taulia is a low-risk choice from a financing capability perspective, bringing both current innovations and an historic track record of capability
    • As noted in previous Spend Matters PRO coverage, “Taulia ‘won’ the early stage dynamic discounting — and one could argue the first round of the U.S. e-invoicing — market(s) among early adopters in terms of growth, in large part because its founders instilled a deep technical focus and trust in its solutions and team, and among clients … it built on the argument of automating inbound invoice processes and funding these initiatives (and A/P automation) through the incorporation of dynamic discounting and dynamic payments terms into customer deployments”
    • Spend Matters’ comparative 2018 SolutionMap analysis of Taulia’s trade financing capabilities suggests that it continues to innovate with a variety of options and models that competitors cannot yet support (including approaches that “blur the line” between dynamic discounting and supply chain finance)
  • Taulia simplifies the onboarding process for suppliers. As noted in previous Spend Matters PRO coverage, “Taulia provides a unique and scalable approach to on-boarding for SCF and Dynamic Discounting programs through a single technology platform where the on-boarding process includes agreements to the terms and conditions. Each Supplier, when accessing the Taulia platform for the first time, clicks through an online set of terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to the supplier for any use of Taulia such as submitting an invoice, viewing purchase order history, changing a bank account or requesting early settlement of an approved invoice … There are no further agreements signed by the customer or the suppliers”

Overall Support for Core Invoice-to-Pay Functional Requirements

  • Taulia’s provides above-the-benchmark support for a range of core invoice-to-pay functional requirements including services invoicing & contract invoicing (i.e., complex e-invoicing requirements), invoice collaboration (between buyer and supplier), invoice integrations (with back-end systems), global invoicing compliance and invoicing analytics
  • Supplier on-boarding support is best-in-class, scoring in the top tier overall (for all of invoice-to-pay, not just “trade financing”-specific capability)
  • While Taulia typically does not “sell” invoice-to-pay and supplier management capability separate from its broader financing suite of solutions, its capabilities in these areas can stand on their own from a technology perspective
  • Core “plumbing” extends beyond the enterprise cloud basics. As we have noted on Spend Matters PRO before:
    • Regarding supplier network capability: “Even though it is not known for it, Taulia has a multi-tenant supplier network [that] enables connectivity between suppliers and multiple buyers. Customers can leverage suppliers that are already connected to the network. When Taulia adds a new buying organization, they cross-reference vendor file master information – and those suppliers it finds that are already in the network do not need to be re-enrolled.”
    • Regarding core supplier portal capability: “The Taulia supplier portal is outstanding for its primary mission (enabling suppliers to take discounts) and more than sufficient in most other areas (e.g., receiving POs, flipping POs order acknowledgements, ASNs, creating invoices, editing/changing invoices upon rejection/exception management, PO/invoice/payment status visibility, basic self-service vendor file management, etc.). Suppliers can toggle between different buying organizations using Taulia in the portal by selecting specific customers from a pull-down menu.”

A “Fully Loaded” Solution Beyond Software

  • Taulia stands out for delivering “turn-key” solutions from a SolutionMap Persona perspective that create scalable leverage that allows new customers to take advantage of existing infrastructure and connectivity. This includes delivering supplier network capability that stands out in all core non e-procurement areas (scoring in the top-tier for all areas including supplier information. management, performance and risk management, invoicing, other supplier network value-added services, network connectivity and “other capabilities”).
  • General services support is “top-tier” for data management services and consulting / change management. This includes delivering specialized services in support of dynamic discounting, supply chain finance and hybrid trade financing models — including but not limited to core enabling software and integration/enablement services (e.g., bank and non-bank partnerships can provide third-party financing capability out of the box).
  • Taulia customers perceive the business value of Taulia (beyond software alone) as best-in-class. This includes scoring a perfect “10” among all references for “business value” as well as best-in-class scores for supplier network capability.

Top-Tier Performance 

Based on the Q2 2018 Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap benchmark featuring 15 providers, Taulia scores in the top tier (or materially above the benchmark) in the following areas:

  • Invoicing
    • Services Invoicing and Contract Invoicing
    • Invoice Collaboration
    • Invoice Integrations
    • Invoice Compliance
    • Invoicing Analytics
    • Invoicing Roadmap
  • Payment/Financing
    • Payment Methods
    • Financing On-Boarding (5)
    • Trade Financing (Receivables and Payables Financing) (5)
    • Collaboration
    • Financing Analytics
  • Configurability
    • Multi-Currency
    • Customizations
  • Supplier Network
    • Supplier Onboarding
    • Supplier Information Management
    • Supplier Performance and Risk Management
    • Other Supplier Network Value-Added Services
    • Ability to Connect to Multiple Supplier/Business Networks
    • Other Capabilities
    • Average (ePRO & P2P)
    • Average (I2P)
  • Technology
    • Cloud
    • Robotics/AI/Machine Learning
    • Big Data
    • Mobile
    • Intelligent Apps
    • Personalization
    • Open Standards
    • Integrations
  • General Services
    • Data Management Services
    • Consulting/Change Management
  • Customer Survey
    • Recommend this provide
    • Level of value perceived
    • As a technology/solution provider
    • Business Value
    • Supplier network
    • End user experience/ease of use
    • Best fit for cross-functional needs (legal, supply chain, etc.)
    • Category depth/support
    • Industry expertise
    • Systems integration
    • Supplier enablement

 Best-Fit Customer Scenarios

  • An organization identifies itself as Deep, Configurator or Turn-Key from an invoice-to-pay persona perspective
  • Strong support for invoicing and payment/financing requirements is required
  • Enabling capability including a supplier network capability/architecture and value-added services such as data management and consulting / change management are seen either as key drivers of a selection process or “insurance” against technology-only solutions coming up short
  • Dynamic discounting, supply chain finance or other forms of ed buyer-orchestrated receivables/payables financing is a priority
  • Strong customer reference scores that prioritize areas such as business value (where Taulia scored the only perfect score among all references) is an important consideration

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