Afternoon Coffee: Suppliers Struggling to Meet Demand Amid Parts Shortage, Beeline Partners with CXC Global

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U.S. manufacturing is booming, but suppliers are failing to keep up with demand due to shortages of parts and labor, The Wall Street Journal reports. Deliveries from suppliers have slowed for 22 consecutive months through July as a result, according to ISM data. Part of the issue is that lower-tier manufacturers shed workers during the financial crisis and are wary of adding new permanent resources as the current economic expansion ends.

Beeline-CXC Partnership

Beeline announced last week it had formed a partnership with contingent workforce compliance solution specialist CXC Global, according to a press release. The program will help Beeline customers ensure contingent talent engaged globally can be centrally managed compliantly and efficiently.

“CXC Global is thrilled to be welcomed into the Beeline partner ecosystem,” said  John Smith, managing director of CXC Global Americas. “As companies are focused on global talent acquisition and multi-faceted program management, Beeline’s cloud software solutions combined with CXC Global’s footprint in over 65 countries and a compliance first philosophy will enable seamless and fully compliant engagement and management of extended workforces around the globe.”

China’s Pharma Challenge 

China on Wednesday launched a recall of some products sold overseas by Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology, China’s second-largest largest producer of rabies vaccines, Quartz reports. The move highlights growing problems in China’s pharmaceutical supply chain, which has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years because of several high-profile scandals.

Inflation Pressure

And finally, an economic update: U.S. consumer prices rose 0.2% in July, Reuters reports, as steady inflationary pressures continued to take hold. The Labor Department’s consumer price index has risen 2.9% in the 12 months through July.

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