Afternoon Coffee: Walmart Aims for ‘Zero Waste’ by 2025, Australia Confronts Worsening Drought

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Walmart is working to reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfills, pledging to hit “zero waste” by 2025, Supply Chain Dive reports. Along with reducing waste, the retailer also cited cutting greenhouses gas emissions and advancing land and water stewardship as its top sustainability priorities.

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Australian Drought 

Farmers in Australia are battling a crippling drought, with water reserves dangerously low in some areas of New South Wales and Queensland, The Wall Street Journal reports. While the current conditions are not yet as severe as Australia’s 2001–2009 drought, which wiped 1% from economic growth and forced many farmers off the land, a global shortage of rainfall compounded by lower beef prices paints a dreary outlook for the near future. 

Peak Pegasus Docks 

Forced into the spotlight by the escalating U.S.-China trade war, the cargo ship Peak Pegasus finally stopped circling China and docked at the Port of Dalian Wednesday, Supply Chain Dive reports. Should the shipment be unloaded, it would likely be the first instance of U.S. soybeans incurring the 25% Chinese tariff.

Household Debt 

And finally, an economic update: U.S. household debt reached levels not seen since before the financial crisis, rising to $13.29 trillion in the second quarter, Reuters reports. Despite the rise in indebtedness, data indicated that borrowers are not yet finding it more difficult to meet their monthly payments.

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