Afternoon Coffee: Tyson Buys McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Supplier, Excel Still Holds Mindshare as ‘Supply Chain System’

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Tyson Foods is shifting its sales strategy toward restaurants with its acquisition of Keystone Foods, which supplies chicken nuggets and fish fillets to McDonald’s, The Wall Street Journal reports. The $2.16 billion deal would shift Tyson’s business away from selling slabs of non-branded, commodity meat toward higher-profit specialty products.

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Excel’s Dominance 

More than two-thirds of respondents in a recent survey by Adelante SCM said they consider Excel a top tool for supply chain management, Supply Chain Dive reports. The findings also note that while procurement professionals are aware of and interested in dedicated software systems for their field, the differences between early adopters and laggards in terms of performance is stark. 

Lithium Production

Global lithium production is forecast to triple over the next four years, driven by high demand for lithium batteries, according to Mining Technology. Australia, where four new mines are opening over the next four years, will account for the largest increases in capacity, followed by Argentina, Canada, Chile, the U.S. and Mexico.

Consumer Confidence

And finally, an economic update: Consumer confidence improved in July, rising to 127.4 from 127.1 in June, CNBC reports. The increase follows a drop between May and June. While consumers said present conditions have improved, the long-term outlook is still less appealing.

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