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Enabling Supply Chain Mobility: The myConnXion Revolution

Having officially launched myConnXion yesterday, our team is thrilled to invite buyers and suppliers to connect.

A key factor behind our innovative technology lies in the ability to integrate the process into your current sourcing strategy. We mobilize supply chains to compete faster and better in today’s global economy.

Many procurement teams are deeply entrenched in legacy enterprise software and business processes, which are often not enough to manage today’s data type and quality, supplier relationships and business risks. Having a supply chain capable of movement and adaptability has become vital to the success of an organization’s business operation. Adding velocity to your supply chain starts with sustainable sourcing.

To meet this challenge, procurement teams are pressured to vet suppliers and mitigate risk as quickly as efficiently as possible. However, in the course maintaining due diligence, many buyers come across outdated diversity certifications and inaccurate supplier information on antiquated and disparate platforms. This contaminates their supply base and negatively impacts the sourcing process.

Buyers face increasing pressure to manage their supply chains with decreasing amounts of resources. Success depends on the ability to move fast and adapt. But buyers don’t have to do this alone. For procurement teams, it’s vital to develop collaborative relationships with suppliers, taking advantage of their expertise and innovation. Sourcing strategically requires breaking down communication barriers and improving the ability to connect with other businesses.

Our new myConnXion product allows buyers to connect to the source of supplier data with mobility. It enables buyers to quickly assess all the supplier information they need before making informed business decisions. Suppliers are incentivized to keep a universally adaptable, always-current profile on the platform, instead of registering their information on many portals that can be hard to track. We centralize business intelligence and foster meaningful conversations between buyers and suppliers. With robust company profiles, suppliers will be able to spend more time telling their story of cost-savings and innovation, engaging with buyers on vital business decisions and values.

With a push of a button, myConnXion fosters collaboration between buyers and suppliers anytime, from anywhere around the world. Our upgraded platform offers multiple ways to connect, increasing the global and geographic mobility of your supply chain. Maximize your sourcing strategy today to promote nimble and inclusive supply chains at