SolutionMap: 54 Procurement Software Companies, Ranked (Q3 2018 Update)

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Spend Matters has released its Q3 2018 SolutionMap, ranking 54 procurement software companies across 12 solution categories.

Based on equal parts feature scoring and customer survey data, SolutionMap evaluates vendors in four areas:

  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P), which maps e-procurement, e-invoicing and payments (invoice-to-pay), and P2P suite solutions
  • Strategic Procurement Technologies, which maps sourcing (e-sourcing), spend analysis, supplier management and contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions
  • Source-to-Pay (S2P), which maps end-to-end suite solutions that offer P2P and SPT capabilities
  • *NEW: Contingent Workforce & Services Enterprise Technology*, which maps Contract Services/Statement of Work (SOW), Independent Contract Workers (ICW) and Temp Staffing solutions

Begin exploring procurement software vendor rankings now, in the quadrant-graphic format above, for free: Visit the SolutionMap homepage.

What’s New This Quarter (Q3 2018)

This marks the inaugural release of the Contingent Workforce & Services SolutionMap, composed of three categories: Contract Services/Statement of Work (SOW), Independent Contract Workers (ICW) and Temp Staffing. The following software companies are participating in Q3 2018:

Apropos of the previous solution-area addition to the SolutionMap ranks — Source-to-Pay (S2P) — Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters’ research director of services and labor procurement and lead analyst on the CW&S SolutionMap, sets it up this way:

“Given our procurement orientation, we evaluate ‘enterprise technology’ vendors within a source-to-pay (S2P) reference model. In other words, we look at vendors in terms of their specifically focused — or more comprehensive — capabilities that address some or all enterprise requirements that arise within a S2P lifecycle (i.e. from supplier sourcing to worker or supplier payment).”

The following providers have also been added to the Q3 2018 release:

    • Allocation in Sourcing and Supplier Management
    • APEX Analytix in Supplier Management (SRM)
    • BirchStreet in E-Procurement (for the first time) and I2P; thereby participating in the P2P SolutionMap view for the first time as well
    • Coupa is participating in Spend Analytics for the first time
    • SirionLabs has also been added to Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Detailed scoring and analysis on this quarter’s SolutionMap is available in our Release Notes briefs (paywall):

Browse all available SolutionMap content and articles here.

And for full access to the list of all participating procurement software companies, their complete scoring summaries and all content at the link above, learn how to become a SolutionMap Insider.

What Is Spend Matters SolutionMap, and How Do I Use It?

Each SolutionMap:

  • Ranks the top software companies used by procurement and supply chain organizations
  • Consists of equal parts analyst scoring and customer input
  • Reflects specific organizational needs through buying personas for each map
  • Updates quarterly to show market developments in each category

SolutionMap provides procurement and supply chain organizations with a comprehensive means to compare software companies across categories, assess vendor capabilities based on organizational needs and identify best-fit shortlists for solution selection.

Begin your journey here:

SolutionMap Procurement Software Rankings

When you arrive at the SolutionMap home page, you will be able to:

  1. Choose a software category
  2. Select your persona
  3. View SolutionMap vendor rankings

You’ll also be able to learn about each procurement software category and persona definition in detail, as well as read up on the Spend Matters analyst team’s methodology, before seeing how this quarter’s participating vendors performed.

Want to Get the Most Mileage Out of SolutionMap?

We’re no strangers to automotive metaphors here — indeed, the founder of Spend Matters has a penchant for cars, and we’ve found that nearly all things in the procurement software market can be expertly painted with the brushstroke of a car metaphor.

You chuckle, but boy are they applicable.

As our colleague Sam Rea has noted, “For practitioners making a tech selection, or those simply looking to understand the market, the long list of providers can seem daunting and complex.

“SolutionMap strives to help procurement keep with the pace of the industry, as well as evaluate the latest and greatest technologies and services,” he continued. “With the continued influx of data, we believe our understanding of the space will only deepen — and so shall yours.”

For both sides to achieve the deepest understanding of these technology markets, we have to get under the hood (see?) with SolutionMap Insider.

Round Out Your Procurement Software Roadmap: SolutionMap Insider

On a self-service basis, anyone can sign up for our new SolutionMap Insider subscription. This includes members-only access to Provider Scoring Summary reports and to ratings of all participating procurement software companies.

In addition to these reports, the subscription also features:

  • Provider Scoring Summary reports (click on thumbnail to view sample page) for SolutionMap providers, which in addition to Summary Solution Scoring include:
    • Ranking overviews by buying persona
    • Buying recommendations and considerations
  • Quarterly updates to SolutionMap Summary Solution Scoring
  • SolutionMap results interpretation (Release Notes) and persona deep-dive articles
  • Exclusive historical views of SolutionMap rankings and support materials (beyond current quarter)

Learn more here, including how to contact us for more info such as pricing. (Discounts are available for multiple subscription areas.)

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