Beeline: What Makes It Great (Temporary Staffing/VMS SolutionMap Analysis)

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Editor’s note: This “What Makes It Great” column is normally reserved for SolutionMap Insider Subscribersbut Beeline has graciously agreed to unlock this piece for readers who are not yet members.  

The contingent workforce and services technology market consists of three main segments: temporary staffing, which represents the classic vendor management system (VMS) market; independent contract workers (ICW), which includes technology for managing freelance resources; and contracted services/statement of work (SOW). Of the three, temporary staffing has historically attracted the majority of CW/S technology spend, and in these solution selections, Beeline has long been a familiar face whenever a VMS or VMS/MSP is up for consideration, both in North America and globally — especially in scenarios where technology is an essential consideration to the buyer.

As of Q3 2018, Spend Matters SolutionMap contains more than 1,250 functional and customer satisfaction benchmarks encompassing more than 50 procurement software companies. In our first SolutionMap release for contingent workforce and services procurement, nine providers participated in our rigorous evaluation and rating process. Among these nine, Beeline, aside from having significant critical mass, is also the last independent provider remaining in the sector that is not part of a larger source-to-pay (S2P) or ERP parent. So as the last independent solution standing, how does Beeline stack up to its peers? Where does it stand out most, how does it help “set the bar” and why should this matter for procurement and HR organizations?

Join us in exploring what makes Beeline great, based on the latest functional and customer SolutionMap benchmarks from Q3 2018.

“What Makes It Great” is a recurring column that shares insights from each quarterly SolutionMap report for SolutionMap Insider subscribers. Based on both our rigorous evaluation process and customer reference reviews, each brief offers quick facts on the provider, describes where it excels, provides hard data on where it beats the SolutionMap benchmark and concludes with a checklist for ideal customer scenarios in which procurement, finance and supply chain organizations should consider it.

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1999
  • HQ (and support locations): Jacksonville, Florida (HQ); Denver, Colorado; Troy, Michigan; Chicago; London; Manila
  • of employees: 400
  • Total annual revenue: Not disclosed
  • Customers: 250, including Accenture, Shell, Comcast, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, State Street, Capital One, ING Enterprise, Microsoft, Boeing
  • Active users (buy-side): Not disclosed
  • Active users (supply-side): Not disclosed
  • Regions Served: Global
  • Available Modules: Services Procurement for Statement-of-Work (SOW), Contingent Staffing for Temporary and Professional Labor, Resource Tracking, GuideMe Decision Wizard, Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools for Talent Acquisition, Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Other app integration: PeopleSoft, Oracle, Workday, SAP, ADP, Kronos, Clarity, Sterling, Success Factors, HireRight, Ariba, Passport, Planview, First Access, Business Objects, Informatica, Coupa, Taleo, OneSource

Where Beeline is Great (Temporary Staffing SolutionMap)

Beeline is the only software provider that is recommended for all SolutionMap Services Procurement Personas (Value Leader or Customer Leader). Within Temporary Labor (the focus of this analysis), Beeline stands out in the SolutionMap functional and customer benchmark in several areas.

Best-in-Class Temporary Labor Functional Support

  • Beeline helps set the benchmark overall for what defines best-in-class functional support across the majority of Temporary Labor SolutionMap requirements
  • Its platform is broad and deep across both the temporary labor and contingent workforce continuum. This is uncommon in Spend Matters SolutionMap generally, as vendors tend to excel only in select areas. For Beeline, standout functional areas include supplier management (overall), candidate selection and screening (overall), candidate submissions, engagement management, on-boarding/off-boarding, requisition creation and approvals, time and expense, treasury management, worker evaluation, reporting/business intelligence and technology stack (overall)
  • As noted on Spend Matters PRO, “Given its long history focused on contingent workforce management, Beeline’s core VMS capability is unsurprisingly strong … Accordingly, strengths and weaknesses typically come down to specific types of functionality and to innovative additions.” Consider configurability, where Beeline enables programs with “support for workflow requirements by business unit, role and geography,” and invoicing and payment, which “includes full lifecycle support for core invoice-to-pay requirements for contingent workforce and services procurement”

Services and Globalization

  • Beeline delivers standout capability across a range of areas that enable it to function as a true solution rather than just software. It scores the highest ratings overall for implementation, systems integration/customizations, comprehensive MSP support and talent curation, and is above the benchmark average for account management and technical support
  • Beeline supports some of the most complex active, global VMS deployments today. In the SolutionMap benchmark, its ability to support global deployments stands out in terms of feature/scope/roadmap, program support, foreign currency, pre-integrated partners, reporting and payments
  • As noted previously on Spend Matters PRO, “Beeline is a truly global VMS. Multinational corporations currently use Beeline in nearly 70 countries and territories. The Beeline platform design supports localization of functionality to support local market and legal requirements.” Further, the provider’s support for “global programs includes multicurrency and multilingual support, as well as support for workflow requirements by business unit, role and geography”

The Only End-to-End (Suite) Contingent Workforce Provider

  • For organizations evaluating core support for temporary staffing that also want immediate (or longer-term) optionality to support all areas of broad-based services procurement, Beeline tops the SolutionMap benchmark
  • If there were a category for overall “services procurement suite” vendor in the same manner as procure-to-pay (for indirect spend) or source-to-pay, Beeline would be the top-ranked provider overall for services procurement
  • Beeline is the only end-to-end (suite) contingent workforce provider, and our data suggest its services procurement peers do not offer the same footprint. By suite we mean support not only for contracted services/SOW but also independent contractor workers (ICW)
  • As previously observed on Spend Matters PRO:
    • While the Beeline ICW solution “provides some of the same capabilities as the FMS solution (e.g., organizing private talent pools of independent workers including freelancers, alumni, interns and silver medalists), Beeline Self-Sourcing goes much further”
    • “Unlike original third-party FMS solutions, Beeline Self-Sourcing is natively integrated into standard VMS processing to ensure compliance (e.g., company policies, background checks), direct management of worker and engagement (e.g., interview scheduling, offers, on-boarding, assignment amendments), consolidated financial processes and data unification, for both system-of-record and data analytics purposes”
    • “A unique feature of Beeline Self-Sourcing is the integration with external platforms. These are API-based integrations, not punchouts to each platform. This ensures that business (and MSP) users receive candidate information in a standard format so that it is comparable with candidates from other sources.”

Beating the Benchmark

Based on the Q3 2018 Temporary Staffing SolutionMap benchmark, Beeline scores at or above benchmark (or is the top ranked vendor — we do not count “ties”) in the following areas. (Note: the list is condensed; the full list of fields includes additional sub-categories.) 

  • Supplier Management
    • Supplier Info
    • Routing Rules
    • Supplier Onboarding
    • Supplier Performance Management
    • Supplier Portal/Communications (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Routing Rules (foundational)
    • Routing Rules (advanced)
    • Routing Exceptions
  • Candidate Evaluation/Selection
    • Program Management
    • Interview Support
    • Resume/Profile (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Evaluation
  • Change Order Management
    • Non-Budget Changes (foundational)
    • Non-Budget Changes (advanced)
  • Candidate Submissions
    • Resume/Profile
    • Submission Rules (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
  • Engagement Management
    • Compliance Management (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Assignment
    • Monitoring (foundational)
    • Monitoring (advanced)
    • Role Delegation
  • On/Off -Boarding
    • Electronic Profiles
    • Post Engagement Timecards
  • Online Support and Help
    • Online Support and Help (foundational)
    • Online Support and Help (Advanced)
  • Requisition Creation and Approvals
    • Approval Routing
    • Creation (foundational)
    • Creation (advanced)
  • Time and Expense
    • Timecard Approval
    • Role Delegation
    • Monitoring (foundational)
    • Shifts
  • Worker compliance
    • Background checks, Badging, etc. (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
  • Reporting/Business Intelligence
    • Data File Extraction
    • User-Defined Extracts
    • User-Defined Searches/Queries
    • Standard Reports
    • User-Defined Reports
    • Specialized Dashboards
    • KPI Tracking
    • Third-Party Reporting Needs
    • Spend Analysis
    • Deep category analysis
  • Technology
    • Saas/Cloud and On-Premise Deployments
    • Data Technology and Management — data dictionary
    • Data Technology and Management — error correction
    • Software Architecture/Platforms — programming languages
    • Security
    • User Experience — design
    • User Experience — status
    • User Experience — development team
    • Access Control — logins
    • Access Control — single sign-on
    • Access Control — add users
    • Access Control — right/roles
    • Mobile — solution scope
    • Mobile — solution roadmap
    • Mobile — usage
    • Standards (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Other solutions
    • OCR
    • AI/Machine Learning — application
    • AI/Machine Learning — team
    • AI/Machine Learning — road map
    • Conversational Systems (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Blockchain
    • Blockchain Support (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
  • Services
    • Implementation (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • System Integration-Customization (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Account Management
    • Ongoing Solution — technical support
    • Comprehensive MSP (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Talent Curation (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
  • Globalization - Localization
    • Features Scope/Roadmap (highest rated vendor in the benchmark overall)
    • Program Support
    • Actively Supported
    • Interviews
    • Foreign Currencies — multiple
    • Foreign Currencies — conversion
    • Reporting
    • Payments
    • Pre-Integrated Partners

Best-Fit Customer Scenarios

Beeline is a recommended fit for all Spend Matters SolutionMap buying personas for temporary labor. Best-fit shortlist scenarios include:

  • For any procurement, HR organization or managed services provider (MSP) acting on the behalf of a client, either foundational or best-in-class Temporary Labor VMS functional support is required
  • Global support and deployment capability is desired
  • Best-in-class services are valued
  • Best-in-class support for independent contract workers is required
  • Situations in which broader support for contract services/statement of work is already desired (or the optionality to add it is desired)
  • A full services procurement “suite” inclusive of support for independent contractor workers is valued
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