Afternoon Coffee: Hurricane Florence Upgraded to Category 4 Storm, Lego to Manufacture Plastic from Sugar

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The U.S. East Coast is preparing for one of the strongest hurricanes it has seen in decades, as the National Weather Service upgraded Hurricane Florence to a category 4 storm Monday, CNN reports. The storm, which should hit the shore late Thursday night or early Friday morning, is expected to strengthen further this week.

Sustainable Legos 

Lego is making progress toward its goal to produce all of its connecting bricks using sustainable materials by 2030, according to IndustryWeek. One of the key changes the toy maker is testing is a new material. Instead of using polyethylene derived from oil to make its signature product, Lego has started using plant-based polyethylene derived from sugarcane ethanol, also known as “bioplastic.” 

Toyota Disruption 

Following a magnitude-6.6 earthquake in Hokkaido last week, Toyota announced it would resume production in Japan Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reports. Last week’s natural disaster led to a blackout across Hokkaido, “forcing the Toyota plant to shut down and disrupting the supply of components to Toyota’s factories across the country.”

China Exports 

And finally, a trade update: China's trade surplus with the U.S. hit $31.05 billion in August, up from $28.09 billion in July, CNBC reports. The figures, another record, could prompt the White House to further escalate its ongoing trade with China.

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