Afternoon Coffee: Amazon Revisits Cities for HQ2 Site, Apple CEO Again Denies Story on China Hack

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Cities on the short list for Amazon’s second headquarters are getting a fresh round of visits, and the online retail giant seems to be favoring an urban location, The Wall Street Journal reports. New York, Chicago and Newark, New Jersey, have gotten fresh visits — but Raleigh, North Carolina, has not, the Journal reports, citing sources. The winning city could expect up to 50,000 hires there and $5 billion invested over about two decades.

Apple CEO Seeks Retraction

Apple CEO Tim Cook again disputed a Bloomberg report about a China microchip hack that also said the tech company had found the rogue chip in its servers and called for a retraction, CNBC reports on a Buzzfeed interview. Bloomberg reported that chips likely implanted by China’s spy agency in subcontractors in China had made their way into servers used by Apple, Amazon Web Services and U.S. national defense hardware. In the story, the complicated hack was called the biggest-ever attack on the U.S. technology supply chain.

Marijuana and Your Supply Chain

With places like Canada and California relaxing laws on marijuana use, the supply chain will have to adapt to a once-illegal substance becoming a legal product, Supply Chain Dive reports. The effects of legalization are being seen in alcohol sales, in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical sector, it reports.

Stock Market Improving

And finally, an economic update: The stock market on Friday showed signs of improving after China’s exchange got a boost in a rare move from Chinese regulators to curb concerns about slow growth, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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