Afternoon Coffee: Resilinc Targets SMBs with Streamlined EventWatch Offering, Microplastics Found to Pervade Global Food Supply Chains


Resilinc announced Monday it would begin offering a streamlined version of its its EventWatch news monitoring service tailored for use by small and medium-sized businesses, according to a press release. Pricing for the new version of the product starts at $4 per site monitored per month for a bundle of 250 sites. Resilinc also upgraded EventWatch generally to now cover 10 times as many news and information sources, according to the release.

Microplastics in the Food Supply Chain

A new study by revealed that eight subjects from Europe and Japan have an average of 20 particles per quarter pound of microplastics in their bowel movements, Wired reports, a finding that carries major implications for global food supply chains. While researchers could not yet determine whether the plastics come from packaging or direcly from other sources farther upstream such as salt or fish, the findings confirm that microplastics, already known to have infiltrated the world’s oceans, have found their way into human bodies, too.

Banana Exporters Unite

Ecuador is trying to unite the major banana exporters of Latin America in opposition to a new purchasing policy from Aldi, which has bid to pay one euro less per case in 2019, according to Euractiv. The banana crate, which weighs 43 pounds, currently sells for $8 (about €6.90). Latin America produces 75% of global banana exports, and Ecuador will likely have sold a total 330 million cases by the end of the year.

Eurozone Sentiment 

And finally, an economic update: The Eurozone purchasing managers’ index, compiled by IHS Markit, fell to 52.7 in October, the lowest figure in 25 months, the Financial Times reports. Trade tensions drove the slowdown, as businesses responded to a drop in exports.

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