Afternoon Coffee: Bloomberg reports U.S. Plans More China Tariffs, War on Plastics Turns to Paper Cups

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The United States is planning to expand tariffs against more Chinese imports if a meeting of the countries’ presidents doesn’t go well next month, Bloomberg News reports, citing sources. The G20 conference is set for next month in Argentina. If trade talks there don’t ease the current standoff, more tariffs may be added, Bloomberg reports.

Paper Cups in Plastics Supply Chain

Companies are facing plenty of sustainability questions about the environmental impact of their products, and the latest target in the fight against plastics is, oddly enough, paper cups, The Wall Street Journal reports. Many of the cups have a plastic lining that requires a special process for removal, so even if put in recycling bins, many paper cups don’t go through the process and end up as trash, the Journal says.

Commodity Giants to Go Digital

The four largest commodities traders plan to go digital and ditch paper contracts, invoices and payments, according to Supply Chain Dive. Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus Company have joined forces to find a solution and move away from manual processes, the report said.

Where to Source Rhinos, Tigers?

And finally, an update from China: Rhino horns and tiger parts can be sold and used for Chinese medicinal practices if they are sourced from animals in captivity, except from zoos, The Wall Street Journal reports. China’s president eased a 25-year ban on the animal parts to boost the industry. Conservationists fear this will increase the already robust illegal trafficking of the animal parts and further endanger rhinos and tigers.

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